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Creating Cash in Real Estate Book Bundle

The Guide to Becoming a Master Wholesaler

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How This Book Helps You To Improve

Your Skills in Real Estate Wholesaling

Everything You Need to Make Money Moves NOW and Start Your Business in NO TIME

Gain Knowledge That Matters.

Find out how to get started in this field to earn real profits. On the other hand, it will also guide you on how to avoid the common mistakes in real estate wholesaling.

Step-by-Step Guide to Mastery

The definitive guide with all the tips and tricks to create a lot of fast cash in real estate.

Choosing The Right Market

This book includes the key on how to find the right niche in real estate and the best methods to create marketing strategies.

Increased Awareness

Learn everything about wholesaling and master real estate in no time.

Beginner to Master Game Plan

A precise guide helping you understand the mechanism of the Real Estate Market with zero investment. Start your journey with no money down to achieve your profit goals!

Strategic Real Estate Opportunities

Skills go down the drain if you don’t know how to apply them. Our E-Book helps you identify your weaknesses and offers amazing tips and tricks on how to convert your ideas into effective strategies and earn unlimited ROI and build your legacy for people to remember.

Learn From Professional Experience

Don’t let the lack of investment stop you from achieving your goals. This guide will provide you with all the information and lifetime examples to tackle the inconvenient situations you face in the business helping you master real estate mania.

What's Inside The Book


This book has all the secrets that the top 1% is using including:

✅ 1. How to choose the right real estate market and the right target audience

✅ 2. How to get investors lined up before you even have a property to sell

✅ 3. How to use other people's money and credit score to your advantage and scale your business

✅ 4. How to do the math behind managing your money in wholesaling real estate

✅ 5. How to get started fast and build a memorable brand that lasts forever

✅ 6. How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that many wholesalers fail to watch out for

✅ 7. How to build a team and delegate work without wasting any time

✅ 8. How to stabilize your business by using a systemized process

✅ 9. How to use and apply concepts of social media marketing and generate consistent customers

✅ 10. How to close big deals and navigate the sales process

✅ 11. How to negotiate with buyers & sellers and maximize profit

✅ 12. How to ensure a smooth and legal closing by covering all your bases

It's Not Where You Start From, It's Where You End Up

Are you a college drop-out or a 9 to 5 employee earning little to no money? Then start with our book to gain knowledge and master a new skill on how to earn money in real-time.

Scale Your Business to 7 Figures

Already an expert and thinking of expanding your business? In this e-book you will find the best strategies to help you maximize your time while scaling your business to new heights.

Mastery With Never-Ending Confidence

A well-dressed man with a convincing and agreeable presentation will never close the deal if you lack the spark known as “Confidence”. Gain trust in yourself with our guide providing you knowledge of Real Estate so whenever you talk; you talk with absolute confidence!

The Best Guidelines to Success

Working hard is great but many people get stuck because of the lack of proper guidance. Working smart moves you forward towards excellence in business. Learn more about the clear direction to success in our E-Book.

Buying and Selling Properties Will Never End

In the end, we all want a wealthy lifestyle. Real Estate Wholesaling is the fastest growing market and it lays the foundation for building the pillars of wealth in an industry that never goes out of market.

Take a Hold of Your Future, and Change It

No matter who you are or where you are from; It’s every person’s right to prosper in this world and to simplify things for you. We offer our E-Book for an affordable price so that everyone gets an equal chance to learn and earn in the market, regardless of where you stand in life.

My name is Issac Grace. I'm a high school dropout and I just had one dream of building a legacy, during my lifetime. Since I was young, age 21, I started working in Real Estate with little to no experience; but with my courage and curiosity, I made my way through it; and since 2014, my company has closed over 100 deals--grossing over 1M in revenue!

Now, being a real businessman, I want to enlighten the you, struggling with your career in real estate or looking for a start in the business and offer a helping hand to help you grow.

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Real Estate Bundle Today!

We're on a mission to empower our underserved communities with education and mentorship and show you how to create a LEGACY for your family.

If you take this opportunity, I will give you a FREE CONSULTATION and build you a PERSONALIZED BLUEPRINT to help you get started in entrepreneurship so you can create generational wealth and leave a financial foundation for your family.



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